Grants from Sida to strengthen education through IT

DSV and Life academy in Karlstad has received funding from Sida for a program to reduce poverty and contribute to sustainable development through better integration of IT in education systems. The programme is aimed at policy makers and will provide knowledge of IT as a tool to create improvements in administration, leadership and educational development. Associate Professor Henrik Hansson coordinates DSV part in project.


Health Informatics - New Master's Programme at DSV

Studying Health informatics is a way of learning how to improve modern healthcare through efficient management of health information and knowledge.


DSV at Mobile Future 2011

On November 10, DSV participates in the exhibition Mobile Innovation Alley during the Mobile Future in Kista Science City.


Richard Stallman talks about Free software

On November 8, The Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University
will be hosting FOSS Stockholmand their guest Richard M Stallman who will give a talk about Free Software.


Zhejiang University visited DSV

In order to enhance and deepen the cooperation between the College of Computer Science of Zhejiang University and DSV, a delegation of Zhejiang University visited DSV on August 16.


Stockholm University among world's top in ranking list

According to this year's prestigious Shanghai ranking list, Stockholm University remains among the top 100 universities in the world, at place 81. In the area of chemistry, Stockholm is 45th in the world.


Delegation from Botswana visited DSV and Spider

On September 8, DSV and Spider welcomed Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Phandu Skelemani and H.E. Ambassador Bernadette Rathedi from Botswana as well as representatives of the Swedish Trade Council. The aim of the study visit was to bring the delegation up to date on DSV’s work in e-learning, student entrepreneurship, and Spider’s work in ICT4D, especially e-governance.


David Billard - new visiting professor in digital forensics

David Billard - one of Europe’s leading experts in digital forensics - will join the CSI lab at DSV as visiting professor. At CSI Lab he will be instrumental in setting up both research and educational activities within the area of digital forensics.


Harko Verhagen leads Stockholm University's computer science "roadshow" to China

Dutchman Harko Verhagen came to Stockholm University as a PhD student. Fourteen years later he´s still in Sweden, Associate Professor at the Universitys´Department of Computer and Systems Science, which is based in Kista - the heart of Sweden´s tech industry.


DSV is a recipient of the IBM Faculty Award 2011

Each year, the so-called IBM Faculty Awards to researchers at institutions around the world. Of the 240 applications were 84 approved for a Faculty Award. A total of 74 named institutions in 33 countries. DSV, namely the Service Science & Innovation Centre (SSI) and Christer Magnusson, has received an application assigned to a Faculty Award 2011, and the maximum amount of 40 000 USD.

Christer Magnusson has prepared a formal application along with Gustaf Juell-Skielse and Andreas Nilsson. The project is about service systems in the public sector. The application highlights two important aspects: first, the ongoing expansion of e-government, and privatization of the operation of public administration.


Guest lecture: Forensic Science and Information Systems

Dr Colin Armstrong, from Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia. Dr Colin Armstrong's research in forensic science at the University of Western Australia encompasses the design and evaluation of a meta model for organizing and managing forensic evidence processes. From the statement “Evidence is the basis for our decision making” meaning that evidences have to be seen in relation to the law, the forensic science is in main focus; forensic scientists use scientific processes ultimately to produce data eventually to become evidence.

Time: June 16 at 16.00
Place: Lecture hall C, Forum, Isafjordsgatan 39


New thesis: Making insecure information security system more secure.

Jeffy Mwakalinga presents his thesis at KTH June 15.


Funding accepted for exchange of researchers with University of California, San Diego

Sumithra Velupillai, fil.lic, obtained funding from Stockholm University for cooperation with the research group of associate professor Wendy Chapman at University of California,  San Diego, (UCSD), USA.

The funding, 220 000 SEK will be used for exchange of researchers between IT for Health, Department of  Computer and Systems Sciences and the UCSD School of Medicine’s Division of Biomedical Informatics, San Diego, USA. The research area is Health Informatics and specifically clinical text mining. The research cooperation will start in May 2011 and carry on until December 2013.


Funding from Swedish Research School of Management and Information Technology (MIT)

Lazar Rusu has submitted an application for Ph.D. funding to Swedish Research School of Management and Information Technology (MIT). The application has been successfully and in the next five years he will receive 1 500 000 SEK from MIT for financing together with our department a Ph.D. position in IT Management.


Sweden continues to top rankings of The Global Information Technology Report

Sweden continues to top the rankings of The Global Information Technology Report 2010-2011, Transformations 2.0, confirming the leadership of the Nordic countries in adopting and implementing ICT advances for increased growth and development. The 10th anniversary edition of the report focuses on ICT’s power to transform society in the next decade through modernization and innovation.


Talks during Shanghai World Expo 2010 fruitful

DSV: s presence during the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai has resulted in new contacts. Now this has even resulted in a new exchange agreement for DSV, now that Harko Verhagen for DSVs account has signed an agreement with Zhejiang University in Hangzhou on student and teacher exchange.
Hangzhou is situated about 150 kilometers south of Shanghai and around 30 minutes by bullet train. Zhejiang University is among China's highest ranked and was founded in 1887.


Dissertation: The Apparent Arbitrariness of Second-Order Probability Distributions

Respondent: David Sundgren
Opponent: Prof. Lev Utkin, Department of Computer Science, St. Petersburg Forest Technical Academy
Supervisor: Professor Love Ekenberg, DSV, Stockholm University
Examination Board: Professor Lars Nordén, School of Business, Stockholms University, Professor Per-Erik Malmnäs, Department of Philosophy, Stockholms University, Professor Paul Johannesson, DSV, Stockholm Universitety

Time: Friday 18 March, 13:00
Place: DSV, Forum, Sal C, Isafjordsgatan 39, Kista


New online Master's Programme – IT Project Management

For those that cannot attend classes on a regular basis, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University, offer a two-year Master programme – IT Project Management (120 credits) in a flexible online format. The programme allows students to study at their own pace, fitting their situation and specific needs, thus all courses will be available through our learning platform. The programme will start autumn 2011.


New! One-year Master's Programme

Do you have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or similar? Are you looking for a professional career? Do you want to become more attractive in the labour market? Do you think that a two-year master is too long? Then this programme is for you!