Grant from Sida to strengthen education through IT

Exploring the possibilities for cooperation with NTUU KPI university in Ukraine - Professor Oliver Popov Read more>>

David Billard - New visiting professor in digital forensics
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"The Business Process Management course was very useful" - master student Ruslan Paliashchuk. Read more>>

Guest lecture:
Forensic Science and Information Systems
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New thesis:
Making insecure information security system more secure
Jeffy Mwakalinga presents his thesis at KTH June 15. Read more>>

New thesis on Cross Language Information Retrieval using Amharic - Atelach Argaw defend her thesis on June 13

Open IS-seminar: 
The effect of Critical Success Factors on IT governance performance in public sector organizations in a developing country

Lazar Rusu and Edephonce Nfuka, February 2, 12-13.00 in room 6405A, Forum, Kista
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An Open Seminar May 19: Artificial Intelligence and Information Security Organization and Management
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Commercialization Grant to Professor Kristina Höök for Affective Health - a lifestyle-related mobile services Read more>>

Promising international collaboration in Business IT Alignment
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