Hanna Xia

Hanna Xia is chinese, but grew up in Sweden. She has studied Business engineering at KTH, Computer and system science at Stockholm university.

What was your thesis work about?
My thesis is about outsourcing relationship, and the goal is to develop an outsourcing relationship framework in order to help vendor to better evaluate their current relationship with customers.

What did you think of your thesis work?
I would say I am overall satisfied with my thesis, and I hope IBM will benefit from the research result.

What experience did you have of your work? What did you learn from your work?
To do a master thesis is a long process, and requires a lot of time and effort to finish, and I am really thankful to have Christer Magnusson as my supervisor, since he has given me many valuable suggestions during the entire research period.

I learned a lot of things, everything from how to conduct a master thesis to how to work in an outsourcing industry.

Did you have the help from this to prepare you for working life?
Yes, it is a big transformation from being a student to employee, by observing how other works in IBM has prepared me for the working life.

What job did you get after the thesis?
Right now I am participating in Ericsson's young professional trainee program, and the current position is change and improvement manager.

Good advice to other students?
1. Find out a topic that intrest you
2. Decide how you want to perform it
3. Find a suitable supervisor