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Anna-Karin Hatt. Foto: Johan Ödmann

IT-minister Anna-Karin Hatt on the "Digital Agenda"

She will speak at the conference Design the future of e-governing is organised by Ministry of Enterprise and eGovlab for invited participants on September 4th 2014.

Vasilis Koulolias

In media: How eGovernment can Strengthen Democracy

eGovlab director Vasilis Koulolias interviewed for Siemens magazine "Picture of the Future", spring 2014.

Gustaf Juell Skielse

"We'll take Sweden to the top in e-government"

Those are the words of Gustaf Juell-Skielse, coordinator of e-government research at DSV.

Photo of Nod Building

DSV’s new premises in NOD opens on August 25!

DSV’s new premises in the Nod Building in Kista opens on August 25.

Four profile areas

Semester start information

Semester start information for students at DSV

Meet our students

Student Filipe Miguel Gonçalves Almeida from Portugal

I was amazed with the Internet applications that you can find for each course like VLE and ilearn, both of them are top notch"