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Foto: Hans Bergman

New thesis: Mobile learning - opportunities and challenges

In his thesis Jalal Nouri makes a critical analysis of challenges in mobile learning and suggests a model for how mobile learning should be planned.

Professor Staffan Selander

Game-oriented learning in a Nordic network

The Nordic countries have joined forces to strengthen the area of games-oriented learning in the network NORDGOLD.

Design for learning

New issue of “Design for learning”

Special focus on digital media in primary school and in preschool.


Data Science - a hot area

Professor Henrik Boström talks about his research within Data Scince – or Big Data as many call it.

Four profile areas

Semester start information

Semester start information for students at DSV

Meet our students

Student Filipe Miguel Gonçalves Almeida from Portugal

I was amazed with the Internet applications that you can find for each course like VLE and ilearn, both of them are top notch"