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Nils Jensen

No development without ICT

Efforts in ICT is an integral part of support to developing countries. DSV / Spider is engaged in an ICT project in Bolivia's two largest universities with support from Sida.

Photo of Nod Building

DSV are moving to Nod this summer

During the summer 2014, DSV moves out of the Forum Building and into the new Nod Building in Kista.


A new test bed will bring Sweden to the top

A national demonstration and test environment for public services is created within Stockholm University.

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Smart decisions to reach the EU's climate goals

EU invests € 5.4 million for research that will contribute to the implementation EU's climate goals for 2050. Stockholm University through DSV and Stockholm Resilience Center is partner in the project.

Four profile areas

Semester start information

Semester start information for students at DSV

Meet our students

Student Filipe Miguel Gonçalves Almeida from Portugal

I was amazed with the Internet applications that you can find for each course like VLE and ilearn, both of them are top notch"