(Teknik för internetsökning och omvärldsbevakning, in Swedish)

The course gives an insight into techniques for information retrieval and news monitoring on the Internet. We will study the fundamentals of document processing, text summarisation, search engine principles and algorithms, web optimisation methods, as well as business intelligence applications and extraction of information from news using automatic text summarisation.

The course is delivered in English. The students are welcome to use English and Swedish.


The course gives an insight into the techniques for Web information search
and analysis. After the course is finished, the students should be able

  •  Compare the models of information retrieval and web information analysis, explain their advantages and disadvantages.
  •  Measure the quality of information retrieval and web analysis tools.
  •  Explain the principles and algorithms used by major search engines and apply this knowledge for developing one’s own web documents; learn the latest trends in search engine technology.
  •  Applying the extrated information for web mining and news monitoring.
  •  Explain how Business Intelligence systems work, their strength and weaknesses.
  •  Use the terminology and concepts in information retrieval, business intelligence, and web mining, i.e. web information analysis.

Read more about the course goals, content and examination on the course information site.

As a student, you can find the recorded lectures, notes from the lectures, previous exams and more in iLearn.

Qualification requirement

General Eligibility


Application round March 15 - April 18.

Apply online at antagning.se