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Research if it is possible to apply for accommodation through the University or if they give some advice.
HousingAnywhere is a network for students who need to lease or rent out

Adapt to a new environment

  • Be polite & a good ambassador for DSV and Stockholm University
  • Brush up your language skills. Learn the most common words, e.g. numbers, left, right, stop!
  • Download app for public transport
  • Download app Chinese dictionary and image translation
  • Download UDs app UD Resklar
  • Download maps
  • Learn the behaviour and the culture of the host country
  • Learn about the Culture Shock
  • Skype translator
  • The living abroad website, by expats for expats
  • UD´s travel advice


Bring clothes for several weather changes. 


Make sure to bring local currency, approx. 1 000 SEK. Check if the country requires you to show a certain amount of money to cover you living expenses. (Incoming exchange students must show 8 500 SEK/month.)


Read the full term and conditions of the insurance Student UT in order to decide if you must buy a separate insurance. It is very important to have a comprehensive insurance.

Letter of Acceptance

Received the acceptance letter? Email a copy of the acceptance letter with the exact semester date to us asap.
You must be registered as an outgoing exchange student in Ladok. Otherwise no insurance (Student UT) or CSN.


Get a doctor´s certificate if you need to bring medication.


Ensure your passport is valid during the exchange and 6 months after.

Register at the local authority

Research if and where to register your presence in the country.


Check the cost of a trip to the city. When order a cab in Asia, tell the closest cross road not the street. Bring a note with the address in Chinese to the taxi driver.

Travel arrangements

Make sure to not arrive a Friday night or at the weekend/ a public holiday if you would like to reach the contact person. If possible, return to Stockholm in time for the start of spring semester.


Check the rules that apply to visas and residence permit in good time. It may take time to obtain a visa due to they are closed at both Sweden´s and the home country´s public holiday. Apply as soon you receive the acceptance letter from the partner university.

When you arrive

Register at the Embassy or the Consulate - Obey the law and rules of the country.

Attend the Orientation Session

Information to prepare you for academic and social life.

Mobile phone

Buy a local phone SIM-card. In some countries, you must show your passport or registered residential address.

Study system

Keep in mind:

  • DSV´s courses are “soft” due to DSV belongs to the Faculty of Social Sciences. Courses at foreign universities correspond to datalogi at KTH.  
  • 5-7 courses in parallel during the semester with examination period in the end of the semester.
  • The study system may differ from our, e.g. compulsory attendance.  
  • If you do not have access to an internal platform, you can miss schedule changes.  

You learn to be structured, flexible and thinking ahead!

Need to choose a new course?

Be aware of that your courses may be changed several times in the beginning of the exchange programme. 

  1. Apply for advance notification for the new course to
  2. Decision of the Director of Studies
  3. You are responsible to update/sign/email a scanned Changes to Learning Agreement

Keep informed about your programme at DSV

Bachelor thesis or Master thesis next semester?
Please check that you will meet the requirements and the deadline to submit your project idea.
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