In order to complete your thesis within the allocated time frame, you need to plan and prepare your thesis work in advance. First and foremost, you need to figure out which topic you would like to study, which issues and problems you would like to investigate. Furthermore, you need to motivate your choice of topic; why is it interesting? Who are the target groups? Since you must apply a scientific method, it is necessary that you describe the methods and theories you plan to use.

Supervisors suggested ideas

In SciPro ( there are a number of ideas created by different supervisors. We recommend that you choose one of those ideas since they are already approved and their extent and content are customized to fit the thesis course. These ideas are chosen on a "first come, first served" principle and you can start choosing them when the submission round starts.

If you do not pick any of those ideas and you would like to suggest your own project idea, we can not guarantee that you may write your thesis about the suggested idea. It depends on whether the content is appropriate, and if we find a supervisor who can supervise that particular topic. Possibly, your supervisor might change your topic so that it is customized to the thesis course in extent and content.

Propose your own project idea

If you choose to propose your own project idea it is important that you describe very clearly what you want to do and how your topic is connected to the department's research (see more about DSV research). The more clearly you describe your idea, the bigger is the change that we can find a suitable supervisor for this topic. The following items should be specified:

  • Background - describe the background of your topic, preferably both theoretical, empirical and/or practical. If you have contact with a company where you intend to do your thesis work please describe here under this item.
  • Literature/Courses - describe the connection to your background, for example literature, theory and methodology related to the topic, courses that you have taken that relate to the topic.
  • Problem - here you describe the problem you want to address and solve by your work, preferably formulated as a research question.
  • Method - the method you plan to use in order to solve the problem and answer the research question.
  • My interests - please note that when you propose your own topic, it is not guaranteed that your topic will be approved. In that case, you will be assigned a different topic by your supervisor. Specify which topics of interest you have, relating to the research fields or the courses that you have taken at DSV.

How to submit

You submit your project idea at the following study portal:

Note - you can change/update your project idea until the deadline.

Use the form below to create your project idea.

Master thesis project idea


Name of co-writer (optional but recommended):

Degree programme:
Preliminary thesis title:
Specify the DSV-unit that best fits your project idea in terms of supervision:

If you already have made arrangements with a supervisor at DSV, write his/her name here:

If you will write your master's thesis in co-operation with a company, write the name of the company and/or the contact person here:

Fill in the following items:

  • Background
  • Literature/Courses
  • Problem
  • Method
  • My interests