All our educations prepare you for working life and the modern globalised job market. 

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Our partnership with the IT-companies in Kista creates opportunities to develop our programs and courses at an early stage so that they correspond to the needs and requirements in the future job market, which means that the DSV courses and educations are always up to date.

To enjoy your time at DSV, it is an asset to be creative and appreciate problem-solving.

Master's programmes – one to two years education at the advanced level

If you already have a Bachelor Degree in Computer and System Sciences, you can choose to advance your studies and obtain a Master Degree (60- 120hp credits). With advanced level education, you are able to widen and deepen your studies and acquire professional skills within any field that interests you. Having a degree at an advanced level is fundamental for those of you who want to climb rapidly in your career or a good basis for a successful career within research.

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Research and postgraduate educations – Continue your research and obtain a Ph.D. Degree

As a Ph.D. student, you deepen your knowledge of a specific subject during at least four years and finish it with a Doctoral thesis. During these years, you get trained to use a scientific approach and mindset when looking at the world. You develop your abilities through an analytical and critical perspective and solve problems independently by using the correct methods.

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Self-contained courses are a perfect choice for those who want to try out studying before starting a full program. These courses can also be suitable for those who are taking programs within other fields and want a supplement of IT courses in their education.

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