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Research highlights

  • Internationellt pris till Louise Yngström 2014-04-11 Professor emerita Louise Yngström kommer att tilldelas det prestigefyllda "Kristian Beckman Award", som delas ut till individer som bidragit till säkerhetsområdet.
  • The digitisation of fashion 2014-04-11 Mobile technology in the fashion field is the focus for the mFashion project at Mobile Life Centre.
  • Media & Academia 2014-03-21 On April 16, Rebecca Forsberg participates in a panel discussion on what the academy has to offer to the media industry.
  • Spoken Word in Husby 2014-03-15 “Spoken Husby” was a cooperation between RATS Theatre and StreetGäris. This will be a part of the upcoming “Antigone in Husby”.
  • Chiara Rossitto new coordinator for RATS 2014-03-15 Chiara Rossitto has been appointed coordinator for the profile area Research in Arts and Technology in Society, RATS. Former coordinator Rebecca Forsberg will remain as Artistic Director for RATS Theatre and Director for Centre for Arts and Technology in Society, CATS.
  • Sirkku Männikkön Barbutiu Unique master's programme in ICT4D 2014-02-19 In the autumn of 2013 a unique master's program in ICT for Development (ICT4D) started at DSV. It is the only educational programme of its kind, designed for students from around the world that can follow the programme completely online.