Today IT management is considered an important research area not only by different scholars but also by IT and business practitioners. The research in this area is mainly performed by the IT Management group that is involved in the Swedish Research School of Management and IT (MIT) funded by the Swedish Government. Examples of research done in IT Management area are presented below. 

Business-IT Alignment is still a top management concern and there are many challenges that remain to be researched. One challenge on which our research has focused and which has not been explored sufficiently is the relationships between informal organisational structure and business-IT alignment.

IT Governance.  A few research has been done till now to study the influence of organizational culture on IT governance. In this direction our research has focused to study the influence of organizational culture on IT governance performance.

IT Outsourcing. The decision process for the organizations and especially for the large organizations to outsource IT or not is a substantial business change. In this direction our research has looked to the development of a method that can be used for assessing the risk exposure in support of IT outsourcing decisions and also on the development of a risk based framework of influential factors in IT outsourcing relationships.

Social Business. In the last years we have seen an enormous growth of the social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Advances in social computing have also created opportunities for organizations to develop, deploy and use social software applications in the business operations. In this area our research is focusing on two issues: (1) organizations that engage, analyse and manage consumer social media in order to improve business operations, generate competitive advantages and create value for customers and partners; and (2) organizations  that develop, implement and use social software applications in order to enable greater co-operation between employees, increase productivity of mobile workers, and establish social media as a discipline of corporate IT management.

Knowledge Management is related to how knowledge is reused and shared in organizations. One research area of knowledge management is focused on how knowledge can be acquired, formalized, represented, stored and retrieved from knowledge bases. Another area is focused on how people can be motivated to share knowledge at their workplace.

There have been a number of research projects at DSV in the area of knowledge management.  The projects have been financed by Vinnova, KK-foundation, Department for Research on Communication, Swedish government, and the  Swedish Board of Labour.