New Publications

Lönn, C. M., & Uppström. (2015). Understanding Public Sector Collaboraiton Through Boundary Object Theory:  a Case Study of an e-Government Project in Sweden. To be presented as, HICSS 2016.

Lönn, C. M., Juell-Skielse, G. & Päviränta, T. (2015).  Modes of Collaboration for Realizing eGovernment Benefits. Ito be presented at HICSS 2016.

Johnson, P., Iacob, M. E., Välja, M., van Sinderen, M., Magnusson, C., Ladhe, T. A method for predicting the probability of business network profitability. Information Systems and e-Business Management 11/2014; 12(4):567-593. 

Uppström, E. (2014). The Promise of Public Value Co-Creation in Open Government: Designing IT Services for Open Government and Public Value Co-Creation.

Older Publications

Ladhe, T. ; Magnusson, J. ; Nilsson, A. Introducing the Platform Business Model Canvas: Adapting an existing business model conceptualization to challenging institutional logic, Nordic Academy of Management. 22, 2013

Uppström, E. and C-M. Lönn, (2013). The Promise of a Crowd. Presented at 19th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Chicago .15-17 August 2013

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Magnusson, J., Nilsson, A. The theather of creation: industry analysts as propagators of information technology frameworks. Proceedings in the europeean conference of information systems,a 2012

Juell-Skielse, G., Perjons, E. (2011) VAMEE: A Value Aware Method forEvaluating Inclusive E-Government Initiatives. To be presented at PoEM2011, the 4th IFIP WG8.1 Working Conference on the Practice of EnterpriseModelling. Proceedings to be published by Springer.

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