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Ground Truth 2.0

A new phase for Vatten Fokus, the Swedish Demo Case of Ground Truth 2.0

The power of socio-technical projects aiming at creating social and environmental change.

Digital Autonomy

Welcome to the One-Day conference Autonomy in Digital Society

“Autonomy in Digital Society” is the concluding endeavor of the Digital Human Sciences committee at Stockholm University, and is held November 7, 2019. Keynote speakers: Richard Grusin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Peter-Paul Verbeek, University of Twente.

Picture from the short film

"Three Wise Men - an Easter Tale" showcases on MicroActs Cave Cinema

"Three Wise Men - an Easter Tale", a film by Love Ekenberg, Olle Karlsson and Lars In De Betou at Stockholm University, and Jon Karlung, Bahnhof, is selected to the film festival MicroActs in London.


Youth Work in the Digital Era

eGovlab welcomes you on the 9th of May to celebrate youth work and exchange of knowledge on best practices in digital youth work!

Elizabeth Churchill hedersdoktor vid Stockholms universitet

Elizabeth Churchill appointed Honorary Doctor at Stockholm University

Elizabeth Churchill has been appointed Honorary doctor at Stockholm University. Elizabeth has been an important collaborator with DSV and especially with Professor Barry Brown’s research group.

Jean Claude Byungura

Jean Claude Byungura wins the Outstanding Paper Award

Byungura wins the Outstanding Paper Award at SITE 2019 for his paper “Development and Validation of a Holistic IT-institutional Alignment Model for Higher Education institutional performance”.


Co-inform (Co-Creating Misinformation Resilient Societies)

Co-Inform brings together academic researchers, technology companies and fact-checkers with aiming conducting interdisciplinary research and based on its results, initiate a bottom-up approach towards fighting online misinformation.