Ph.D. student:

Sulakshana De Alwis, DSV & NSBM, Sri Lanka

Expert Reviewers:

Associate Professor Frida Pemer, Stockholm School of Economics

Associate Professor Åsa Smedberg, DSV

Main Supervisor:

Patrik Hernwall, DSV

(Local) Supervisor:

Prof. Adosha Adikaram, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka


Work-Life Boundaries in Technology Intense World of Work: Insights from Sri Lanka



The main objective of this research project is to uncover the social and organizational factors that is entangling with technology and how it creates different work-nonwork boundary experiences to working individuals in Sri Lanka. Answering this proposition will enable to provide more richer insights to the current debate on technology’ies impact on work-nonwork boundaries. Further, this study will also add insights to cross-cultural variations in this phenomenon. As much of the research in this area is based on western countries, insights from developing South Asian country could facilitate researchers to cross-cultural evaluations. Ultimately, the new research created by this project could help practitioners to develop contextually relevant work-life balance policies to their organizations.


For more information, please contact main supervisor Patrik Hernwall (e-mail: