Our aim is to generate internationally renowned leading research while at the same time building a stronger research community across disciplines and involving researchers from different universities. We believe that innovative research grows from interdisciplinary environments and that the Forum will facilitate idea-sharing and common research agendas. We need to learn each other’s languages and find opportunities to profit from collaboration.

We therefore invite you to a ‘get to know each other’ virtual speed-dating event on November 13, 13.00-16.00. The idea with this event is to have 5 minutes research presentations for sharing research and projects. We invite presentations from a broad range of disciplines and topics that could have a bearing on security research. We hope that this will create a platform for various security-oriented collaborative initiatives, including research workshops, joint courses, collective application writing, or just being inspired by each other. Our overall aim with the Forum is to generate joint research applications and to build a strong foundation for future collaboration.

Please let us know by 1 November if you want to make a brief presentation (please give a short title), or even if you would like to participate without presenting. If you are unable to attend this time but would like to be involved in future events and collaborations, let us know and we will add your address to our email list.

Please contact any of us, preferably Sebastian Larsson at sebastian.larsson@ekohist.su.se.

Warm regards,

Sebastian Larsson on behalf of the FSR board members:

Professor Ulrika Mörth, Department of Political Science

Professor Mark Rhinard, Department of Economic History and International Relations

Professor Janne Flyghed, Department of Criminology

Professor Love Ekenberg, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences

Professor Frida Beckman, Department of Culture and Aesthetics

Senior Lecturer Stanley Greenstein, Department of Law