The Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) is one of the oldest IT departments in Sweden and one of the largest departments at Stockholm University with around 6 000 students. The discipline of computer and systems sciences bridges the gap between technology and the humanities, social sciences, and behavioral sciences. The use and design of IT is put in context in relation to people, organizations, and society. DSV offers a stimulating research environment in an international setting.

Project description

A major problem that many educational institutions face today, in elementary school, upper secondary school or higher education, is that many students receive low or incomplete grades. An innovative approach that is being developed in the emerging field of Learning Analytics (LA) to address this problem is to utilize data (traces of learning processes) generated by students and teachers in learning environments and by applying machine learning algorithms to predict and identify difficulties early in regulating learning and to provide correct data-driven formative feedback to students. This research project, funded by the Swedish Research Council, aims to investigate how we can use data generated in educational contexts in combination with machine learning to predict performance and to provide automatic data-driven feedback and intelligent recommendations for teachers and students.

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