Together, the youth in Husby created the greatest collective mural in Sweden, named "My Home, My Image". The motif the young people painted was taken from the cellular phone theater Antigone's Diary, and shows the Greek choir led by Antigone, that met the audience when they came up at the station Husby after the metro journey that is part of the show. The mural is facing the elementary school Husbygårdsskolan, not far from the metro station in Husby.

The mural with a motif from the cellular phone theater Antigone´s Diary that the youth of Husby created on a façade in the center of Husby.


Mural for social change in suburbs
The organization behind the art project is “Förorten i centrum”, a nonprofit organization that put the suburb in the center, and is working with community-based projects were collective murals for social change are created based on the residents' own stories and pictures of their environment. The collective art process challenge the prevailing usage and updates the image of the “suburb” and “center” in the public discourse.

Antigone's Diary - A Model for Democratic Decision Making in Suburban Stockholm

The scientific work on the project Antigone's diary is presented in the research article "Antigone's Diary - A Model for Democratic Decision Making in Suburban Stockholm". Authors of this article is Professor Love Ekenberg and Rebecca Forsberg, Artistic Director, both at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, and professor Willmar Sauter at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics.