Elizabeth Churchill hedersdoktor vid Stockholms universitet
Elizabeth Churchill, Honorary doctor at Stockholm University.

Elizabeth Churchill has been appointed as Honorary doctor at Stockholm University. Elizabeth has during many years been an important collaborator with the department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) and especially with Professor Barry Brown’s research group. Their work together spans over eighteen years - from the early days of mobile phones to their most recent research studying how the Android operating system is used.

It is a great honor for DSV that Dr. Churchill has been recognized with this appointment. Dr. Churchill was recently elected as Vice President of the ACM, the leading scholarly organization in computer science. This recognition therefore helps to connect DSV with the latest developments in computer science. This award will also help to deepen the collaborations between Google, where Dr. Churchill is a director of user experience, and DSV. Dr. Churchill plans to visit Stockholm this summer where she will present her recent research and work to the department.