The #metoo movement has not only had large impact on politics but has also affected people deeply. The closed online groups, where the testimonials were gathered and discussed, also decreased the difference between private and public spaces, sometimes followed by legal actions such as lawsuits. To further develop robust democratic institutions, it is important to understand how this social movement was organized, and how the movement succeeded to engage so many and how they made such large impact in the public sphere.

The research team will, through an interdisciplinary mixed media approach, investigate how the #metoo representatives organized their work and collaborated with social and traditional media. The data collection consists of gathering available data (home pages, meeting notes, social and traditional media) and conduct interviews with initiators and participants while their memories still are vivid. The final data set will be the basis for a larger research project on the #metoo movement.

For more information, contact the project manager Karin Hansson, or visit our research blog.