Jelena Drakovic, professor at DSV.
Jelena Zdravkovic, professor at DSV.

Jelena's favourite quote by the author Mark Twain is “The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out the conservative adopts them.”

" I would like to, and to continue  to invent new views in the Information Systems science. That is also one of my goals as professor. Another is to devote more time to my students and their education and overall "growth" - ethical, scientific, while they are at DSV, by simply spending more time with them in working sessions, seminars, discussions, focused teaching", says Jelena Zdravkovic.

Analysis of Information Systems 

Jelena received her BSc and MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering Sciences from the University of Belgrade in 1992 and 1996, respectively.  In 2006 Jelena received her PhD in Computer and System Sciences from the Royal University of Technology (KTH), and in the same year, she became an assistant professor at KTH, and later moved to Stockholm University. She currently works in the area of analysis of information systems as Head of the Information Systems Unit.

Re-factoring and innovating for the students

Jelena teaches several courses at the bachelors and master levels, including System Integration with Service- and Process-based Systems, and Requirements Engineering. In the Information System analysis discipline she has published work on business-IT alignment, Enterprise Modeling, and Requirements Engineering. She has participated in several national and international projects on the interoperability of information systems, service modeling, and engineering.

Professor Zdrakovic has to rush to a meeting but she still has time to reveal her thoughts about coming projects. "My current thoughts are mostly focused on the work in the Information Systems Unit, that is re-factoring of our current courses in terms of their innovation, both in theoretical and practical terms. I also think about writing a useful book for my students of the Requirements Engineering topic. But  which format is at the present time the most appealing for a student? Electronic, handy or an app?"