"A foundation for freedom of opinion and democracy is that people privately and without reprisals from exsisting powers can communicate with each other, exchange ideas, experiences and opinions," says Love Ekenberg in the nomination. "Rights to confidential communications are therefore classified as basic human rights and are enshrined in constitutions, laws and international declarations."

Edward Snowden has been nominated by several others, including two politicians from the Norwegian Socialist Left Party. They argue that the public debate and policy changes in the wake of the data Snowden left has "contributed to a more stable and peaceful world order.

"The Nobel Committee can make a major contribution by rewarding Snowden with the Nobel Peace Prize. It may give others the courage to come forward and become whistle blowers when they see abuse of power that is unknown to the public and that undermines the democratic foundations and human rights," emphasizes Love Ekenberg.


The nomination letter (in Swedish)
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