Moreover, eGovlab, WEF and the Accountability Lab recently co-led the Forum’s Building Foundations for Trust & Integrity project in Mexico, in a joint attempt to promote the use of education in building integrity from the bottom-up. The country’s substantial civic engagement in the battle to put an end to corruption has presented Mexico as the ideal case study and fitting regional model for reform.

Through PACI, these three organizations are now bringing together the very best engineers, anthropologists, design scientists, academics and programmers from around the world to develop new educational approaches and materials for building integrity based on these principles. Whether brainstorming about primary school civics courses in Mexico; developing creative accountability approaches; or using technology for transparency in Sweden, the Knowledge4Trust Initiative (soon to be launched) will provide practical support for those change-makers across the public, private and civic sectors, who are looking to build transparent and solid mechanisms to battle corruption.

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