Thomas Speckert and Camille Salinesi, Head of the Centre de Recherche en Informatique at Sorbonne
Thomas Speckert gets Sorbonne University's Best Poster Award 2013 from Camille Salinesi, Assoc. professor and Head of the Centre de Recherche en Informatique at Sorbonne.

The competition "Poster Madness" is presented yearly for all Ph.D. and Master Students working in Centre de Recherche en Indormatique (CRI) University Paris–Sorbonne. The aim is to present the thesis work in front of colleagues and everybody interested in research, and to convince the audience about the research idea.

Enterprise Architecture for Decentralized Environments

Thomas Speckert's thesis titled `Enterprise Architecture for Decentralized Environments´, investigate the emerging problem of creating a suitable Enterprise Architecture framework for modern decentralized organizations. His thesis is supervised by Assoc. Professor Jelena Zdravkovic, Department of Computer and Systems Science at Stockholm University and co-supervised by Assoc. Professor Irina Rychkova Department of Information Systems Engineering at Sorbonne.