The purpose of the film festival is to highlight subjective, personal political, artistic films in London and to create a society of artists and filmmakers who support each other and share their works.

The directors of "Three Wise Men - an Easter Tale" are Love Ekenberg and Jon Karlung from the 5th July Foundation. Ekenberg says that the script behind the film is simple, straightforward and self-explanatory:

"The Norns are female beings in Norse mythology. They shape the destiny of men and even gods. Accidentally, they correspond quite well to others, also more modern, controllers of humans' destiny. To control, they need information, and the harvesting of your personal life goes far beyond what you imagine."

Ekenberg continues explaining:

"They know where you’ve been and everything you’ve ever searched and everything you have deleted, the apps you use, the events you attend and your workout schema. They can access your webcam, and they can access your microphone. And this is only the start. Then they start processing the data."



About MicroActs and Cave Cinema

MicroActs is a program of short films exploring concentrated storytelling through moving image, from bold political expression to delicate personal memories to abstract experimental collages. The aim is to create a thought-provoking, informative and diverse evening of film.

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About the July 5 Foundation

The 5th July Foundation protects human rights online, by the United Nations resolution. Based in Sweden, the foundation gives internet users around the globe concrete tools to increase their security, privacy and liberty.

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