Gunnar Wettergren will now take the new role of deputy director of the DSV center eGovlab. The center eGovlab conducts interdisciplinary research close to both customers and funders to improve the efficiency and performance in the public sector. The center is facing changes, and Gunnar will lead the operational work and  increase coordination with the rest of DSV.

After five years, Gunnar Wettergren leaves the job as head of the unit IDEAL for new tasks. It started with an idea of Gunnar's that DSV should do something in the distance education, and he got the head of department's mandate to create a unit - FLEX. Employees related to technology enhanced learning and learning management systems belonged to the unit. A few years later the unit IDEAL, Interaction Design and Learning, was created when researchers in interaction design creation were added.

“I've invested a lot of time to build this unit. It has worked well and it has been a place for new ideas. My main task has been to get people together and getting them to develop and grow,” Gunnar explains.

Now he hands over the unit to Professor Staffan Selander. Gunnar emphasizes that it's been fun to build IDEAL and that this really is an active, productive and fun group.

“It's time for something new - but it feels a little sad. But it feels good to hand over the managerial role to Staffan,” he says.

The new job
Now it's time for new challenges - Gunnar will reinforce the management of the DSV center eGovlab. The center is facing changes - and this is where Gunnar comes in. About 10 people belong to eGovlab, but a total of 30-40 people have some kind of linkage to the center. Gunnar takes on a newly created role as deputy center director. Director Vasilis Koulolias will be responsible for the strategic work and the international contacts, while Gunnar will be responsible for the operational work.

“This is something of a challenge for me. This is a new area for me. It is also very special to be working with something that could have implications for the future of Sweden,” Gunnar explains.

For Gunnar it is essential to show that eGovlab is there for the entire DSV. He wants to raise the "image" of eGovlab and to interact with the rest of the department. Through the center director eGovlab has an eye on all relevant EU calls for proposals.

“We will identify interesting calls and invite researchers to discuss applications. I expect that we will help with applications, proposals and coordinate projects within DSV. We'll get more research funds to DSV,” Gunnar emphasizes.

It is also important to build contacts outside DSV. eGovlab will identify and package services to get public authorities and other stakeholders to participate in the work. eGovlab will be a neutral meeting place for all kinds of public actors.

“We are also working on the innovation process - to go from concept through refining to a technical project and research,” Gunnar tells.

DAC (Digital Art Center) is linked to eGovlab. DAC is a public space for interactive exhibits where visitors can see and try out new solutions. And Gunnar emphasizes that the DAC will be a showroom for the entire DSV.

Gunnar will also continue to be responsible for commissioned education within the DSV. This provides contract training aimed at both the public and private sectors.


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