The ACT unit (Act in Communication with Technology) collects researchers who work in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction, Social Computing and Mobile Computing Technologies. In particular, the research focuses on location-based experiences (the LX Lab), digital game design and experiences, and technologies for artistic experiences. These topics describe research themes in the unit, but each researcher focuses on more specific problems such as investigating how artistic performances can be supported through mobile technology, and how digital games can be designed to facilitate player immersion.

The general approach to research in the ACT unit is one of qualitative research methods, emphasizing the lived experience from users’ perspectives. Researchers employ methods such as digital ethnography, observation, log-data analysis and explorative interviews. For artistic projects, long running performances are created, performed and studied in-situ through observation and inquiry of both audience and actor’s perspectives.

In addition to individual researchers, ACT as an overarching unit contains several separate research entities:

The Mobile Life Center, a VINN Excellent research center
The LX Lab, an interdisciplinary research lab
RATS Theater
Digital games and game experiences, research group

Unit Director: Louise Barkhuus


Within ACT teaching focuses on basic programing courses for undergraduates and games design and programming.

Director of Studies: Henrik Bergstrom