DSV's operations conducts within the framework of units. The basis for the formation of the units may be out of a DSV key topic perspective, such as research and education or various forms of functional activities. 

DSV currently consists of following units:

Unit of Act in Communication with Technology

The Unit of Act in Communication with Technology works primarily in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction, Social Computing and Mobile Computing Technologies. In particular, the research focuses on location-based experiences (the LX Lab), digital game design and experiences, and technologies for artistic experiences.

Unit of Information Systems

The Unit of Information Systems conducts research and education in analysis, modeling, and management of Information Systems in disciplines such as Business Process Management, Database and Information Retrieval Technology, Enterprise Modeling, IT Management, IT Governance, Requirements Engineering, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Systems Integration, Natural Language Processing, Service Oriented Architecture, and Health Informatics.

Unit of Interaction Design and Learning

The Unit for Interaction Design and Learning conducts research and education in interaction design and learning, information technology for global development, and project management. The unit also develops and operates the department’s technological platforms and the university-wide information technology för learning as well as distance education.

Unit of Systems Analysis and Security

The Unit of Systems Analysis and Security researches within information technology and information science methods for analysis of complex systems to create the basis for decisions, identify and quantify risks, create new services, and to improve security and trust in the digital society. The area's diversity base on mathematical modelling, Philosophy, Psychology, and Organisation Theory.