Sweden's oldest IT department

DSV is the oldest Information Technology (IT) department in Sweden and began combining Systems Sciences in a Social Sciences perspective with Applied Computer Science and Communication Technologies as early as in the 1960s.

Interdisciplinary education and research

The academic activities at DSV range over a broad field characterised by interdisciplinary and focuses on developing and adapting the use of IT to the needs of people, business, and society. 

Right in the middle of one of the world's leading ICT clusters

DSV resides in Stockholm, right in the midst of one of the world's leading ICT clusters Kista Science City. Here are more companies and research institutes in a limited area than anywhere else in Sweden, this provides DSV with unique opportunities to link our academic activities to the industry and organisations, and together we can create new business ideas, community services, and cultural and creative industries with the support of IT.

DSV belong to the Faculty of Social Sciences at Stockholm University. For more information about the Faculty of Social Sciences click on the link below.