What did you do before applying?
I was studying single subject courses within field Informatics. I finished my Bachelor and immediately applied for MS.

Why did you choose this programme?
First of all, ICT and development sounded very new and interesting. I choose this programme first of all because it was a MS in ICT which were given flexible. This programme sounded exactly what I needed.

What were your expectations?
I expected to study more ICT-related stuff, but it turned that whole programme is more about helping people in developing countries with help of ICT. After reading this programme, I realized how important ICT is in our society, as well as what can be done with its help.

What do you think about the programme?
Overall it is an interesting programme. I learned a lot from this programme so far. It has not been very hard to study, except a lot of texts to read.

What do you think about studying online?
I am use to online studies. It works good for me.

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