Debian GNU/Linux is a clone of the famous Unix operating system. DSV's personal computers in the Forum computer rooms have two operating systems, Microsoft Windows and Debian GNU/Linux. When booting up the computer you can choose which operating system you want to use (dual boot). You may also use Debian GNU/Linux via our server Many other servers at DSV is run with Debian GNU/Linux as operating system.

Linux introduction

A short introduction to the Debian GNU/Linux systems at DSV.


How to print files on the laser printers

The Linux server triton

How to connect to the Debian GNU/Linux server with SSH, VNC and Kerberos telnet.

Accessing the Linux file server

How to access the GNU/Linux file server "oberon" from a pc at home.

Dual boot

How to select an operating system at boot time /GNU Linux or MS Windows).

Smbclient - Accessing your Windows files

How to access your files stored on the MS Windows file server with smbclient from a GNU/Linux pc.

Related documents


Links to external web pages with GNU/Linux information.

Linux software

A catalog of the most important programs on the GNU/Linux systems.

UNIX Tutorial for Beginners

A UNIX tutorial for beginners, by Michael Stonebank at the University of Surrey. Describes the most common text commands used in a shell virtual window.

Windows Terminal Server

With the RDP client rdesktop it is possible to access our Microsoft Windows Terminal Server and run graphical Microsoft Windows programs from your GNU/Linux PC.


Information about how to burn CD on GNU/Linux