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1st semester

Mandatory courses 2 x 7,5 credits

Strategies, benefit and alignment 7,5 credits

In this course we explain the IT-projects in the context of digitization, the overall business organization and common models used in the strategic work of an organization, connected to IT projects. We also provide some useful tools for selecting and comparing different projects and project ideas. Furthermore, we describe the content of project portfolio management, examine different kinds of IT-projects and their characteristics.

Digital business strategies and change management 7,5 credits

The course addresses the strategic business aspects of digitization and partly change management in organizations to achieve the strategic objectives digitization creates conditions for. Information Technology's role has changed from being supportive to form the basis for modern business strategies. The rapid development of technology challenges digitization’s traditional strategies and highlights emerging strategies. The course also discusses the differences between change management in private and public organizations.

2nd semester

Mandatory courses 2 x 7,5 credits

IS Governance for e-Government: Requirement, Use, Evaluation 7,5 credits

The course describes IS governance in public administration. More precisely, the students apply and discuss methods and models for elicitation of requirement on IT systems, evaluation of existing IT systems and selection of the right mix of systems in the overall IT architecture of the organisation.

Project methodology and leadership 7,5 credits

A course covering project models, the relationship between the development model and the project management model, agile projects and various other methodologies used in project management. In addition, a central part of the course covers leadership. Throughout the course the methodologies are discussed interchangeably. 

3rd semester

Mandatory courses 2 x 7,5 credits

Monitoring and controlling IT projects 7,5 credits

The course provides methods and techniques for planning: (1) time, (2) resources and (3) cost as well as ways to keep track of these parameters. The course places special emphasis on how the situation and actions taken should be presented for different stakeholders in order to get support, acceptance and understanding. 

Empirical Research Methodology for Computer and Systems Sciences 7,5 credits

The course introduces and provides training in basic aspects of empirical research methodology. These include:

  • to find, summarize, evaluate and compare scientific literature,
  • quote, refer and paraphrase scientific literature,
  • justify a scientific study,
  • quantitative data types, data collection methods and data analysis methods and
  • qualitative data types, data collection methods and data analysis methods.

4th semester

Thesis work 15 credits
Information regarding Master Thesis