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Master's Programmes 120 credits and 60 credits


Computer and Systems Sciences, 120 credits

Among the elective courses students will find courses in data mining, IT management, information security, business intelligence, decision analysis and IT project management. Additionally, students learn about scientific communication and research methodology.


Computer and Systems Sciences, 60 credits

Students choose courses in which they broaden or deepen their knowledge. Students can select courses in different areas such as data mining, IT management, information security and business intelligence.

Master's programme in decision analysis and data Science

Decision analysis and Data science, 120 credits

Students learn how to employ decision support systems, risk management and the basics of data science. The second year students choose a track in either decision analysis or data science.

Design for Creative and Immersive Technology 120 credits

Design for Creative and Immersive Technology, 120 credits

Students learn the basics for design for creative and immersive technology as well as the basics for Internet of Things. New platforms, based on technology such as 5G, Internet of things, eXtended Reality and Artificial Intelligence are discussed. Furthermore, it is investigated how these platforms can use virtual environments to interact with society.


Health Informatics, 120 credits

Joint programme with Karolinska Institutet. The programme covers everything from basic health informatics and the methods for user needs engineering, standardization and evaluation, to advanced health informatics such as clinical decision support, modelling and data science.


Information Security, 120 credits

Focuses on the protection of information assets. It includes courses such as secure software, information security in organizations, network security, information security project management, cyber security, legal aspects of information security and cyber forensics.

IT Project Management 60 credits (Distance) NEW 2019!

IT Project Management, 60 credits

Students learn how to run projects as a project manager in the field of information and communication technology. They study the necessary tools such as project planning, economics, agile models, negotiation techniques and more.


Open eGovernment, 120 credits

By teaching information and communication technology, the programme provides the planning, management and technical skills necessary for leading and transforming public organizations to be open, innovative, flexible and effective.

Strategic Information Systems Management, 120 credits (NEW 2019!)

Strategic Information Systems Management, 120 credits

Students acquire the knowledge and skills to use cutting edge IT to solve organizational and societal problems. Students will obtain in-depth knowledge of information systems design and architecture, including requirements for engineering and service-oriented architectures.

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Admission round for master's programmes

The admission round is open from October 16, 2020 to January 15, 2021.

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Apply for exchange studies during your education at DSV!

During your 3rd semester, you have the opportunity to apply for exchange studies. DSV has agreements with approximately forty universities around the world, for example in Taipei, Shanghai, Munich, Barcelona, Athens and more.

Take the opportunity to learn about other cultures, develop a language and gain advantages in the labour market by applying for exchange studies.

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