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Cyber Forensic, 7.5 credits

The course addresses advanced and complex IT security issues, including attacks on critical infrastructure, cyber fraud and security in social networks. The student becomes aware of and understands the variety, complexity and impact of digital evidence in cyberspace, and its importance, relevance and protection for a well-functioning modern IT society.

Digital Forensics, 7.5 credits

In our increasingly digitised society, we are becoming more and more vulnerable to electronic attacks. This may apply both on a personal level (computer virus, account information, hijacked Facebook accounts) and in the public/business field (electronic bank frauds, cyberattacks on governments or political parties). Digital forensics is about how to track these criminals and how digital evidence is generated and handled.

Internet Search Techniques and Business Intelligence, 7.5 credits

The course gives an insight into techniques for information retrieval and news monitoring on the Internet. We will study the fundamentals of document processing, text summarisation, search engine principles and algorithms, web optimisation methods, as well as business intelligence applications and extraction of information from news using automatic text summarisation.