What did you do before applying?
I have a BSc. in ICT and am currently employed at the Embassy of Canada in Vienna.

Why did you choose this programme?
I was looking for something where I could use my ICT knowledge, but in relation to making technology more useful and accessible to people. I believe we have a lot of great technology available but it is not being used to its full potential. Then I found this program and the more I thought about it the more I liked it. I felt it was a relatively new field and this program could prepare one to actually make a positive impact.

What were your expectations?
I didn't have many specific expectations, but I did imagine it could be too academic and not enough relation to the field work. It turned out that, while there is a healthy amount of theory, it is really well related to actual problems and how to solve them so it is all worthwhile.

What do you think about the programme?
Overall, I think it's an excellent program with a clear focus and a challenging workload. I particularly enjoy that we have an international group of both students and teachers, which makes the learning much more interesting and valuable - to read opinions from different backgrounds.

What do you think about studying online?
For me, online education is the future and I think we will see more and more universities offer courses and programmes online. Particularly for employed people it makes continuing education possible. I especially enjoy the peer review aspect which is of great value for learning and is not something that one usually gets. I also like that I can watch the video lectures at my leisure and whenever I want, and as many times as I want. The disadvantages are that at times it all feels "virtual" and one needs a way to keep in contact with other students, but Facebook and Skype help with this.

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