Computer labs

There are in total four computer labs, D1, D2, D3 and D4, all located on floor 2 in Nod. Each computer lab contains 15 stationary all-in-one PCs with both Windows 7 and Linux as operating system.

There is also a mixed computer and lecture lab, DL40, which contains 20 computers of the same type as described above.

In addition to that there is a stationary computer in each group room. They have the same software as those in the labs.


The Printomat printers at DSV are placed on the second floor, close to elevators D and E.

To be able to use the printers you first need to charge your printing and copying balance at the web page You also need to install the printer (unless you are using Linux in the computer labs), see below. For guides and information about the Printomat printers, please visit Serviceportalen.