The tab "Studier" (Education) contains information about current (pågående) and finished/completed (avklarade) courses/course units.

Current course units

Here you can see information about you on-going (pågående), non completed (ej avklarade), and upcoming (kommande) course units. For each course unit you can see the start (start) and finish (slut) date, which course (kurs) it belongs to, information about examinations (examination). If an examination is an written exam, the date will be shown with at little check box next to it. The checkbox shows whether or not you are registered to the exam. Click on the check box to toogle it. When there is a result for an examination, then your grade is shown next to it.

To the left fo each course, there may appear different icons. There is one icon for groups (grupper), one for schedule (schema), and one for evaluation (utvärdering). Click on an icon to bring up a new window with more information. Clicking on the course unit name will take you to its description.

Finished course units

The same kind of information is available for the course units here.