In the tab "Schema" (Schedule) you can see four different categories of schedules.

Personal schedule (personligt)

Here you see a schedule based on the course units that you are attending.

Premises schedule (lokaler)

Here you see how all the IT university premises are booked. You can also book group rooms by pressing "Lägg till bokning" (Add booking) when you are looking at the group room schedule.

The premises are divided into the following groups:

  • Group rooms (grupprum)
  • Computer rooms (datorsalar)
  • Teaching rooms (undervisningssalar)
  • Special rooms (specialsalar)
  • Electrum
  • Forum KTH
  • Forum DSV

Exam schedule (tentor)

Here you can see the schedule of all upcoming exams.

Schedule generator (generator)

Here you can generate a schedule based on different courses.