Since Daisy is, for the moment, only in Swedish, this introduction works also as a dictionary. Whenever a text from Daisy is explained a translation to English is given. An index of all the translated terms is available in this "Daisy and FirstClass dictionary".

This introduction describes only the components of the student view. How to log in to Daisy is described here. There are five major components in the student view:

Education (Studier)

Information about your courses and course segments. Exams, groups, schedule.

Personal (Personligt)

Information about your address telephone number, etc., a summary of all you completed courses, and your detail publishing preferences.

Search (Sök)

Search for people and courses/course segments.

Selection (Val)

Choose courses and course segments for the coming semester.

Schedule (Schema)

See your personal schedule (based on your courses), room schedules (booking of group rooms), exam schedule, and course schedule.

Each of the five components is represented as a tab on the top. You can switch between the tabs in any order you like.

The only common function (available in all the tabs) is the possibility to log off (Logga ut).