Below you will find different ways to access files stored on the GNU/Linux file server "oberon". Oberon is the default file server when you login on a computer room pc booted with Debian GNU/Linux at DSV.

Accessing with an FTP client

DSV use the FTP server vsFTPd ("very secure FTP daemon") which only allows anonymous FTP access. The FTP protocol uses clear text passwords, so for security reasons, non-anonymous FTP usage is not allowed. Please use SFTP ("Secure FTP") instead, see below.

Accessing with Secure Copy

A better alternative to FTP is to use an SSH client to access your Linux files on oberon. With the SSH-program "scp" (Secure Copy) it is possible to fetch and send files to the file server oberon via our SSH server For example copying the file file.txt to the file server at DSV is done like this:
"scp file.txt"
Another example, to fetch the file file.txt from the file server at DSV is done like this
"scp ."
The scp program can be found in the OpenSSH distribution which you can install on your Linux pc at home or under CygWin in Microsoft Windows. Scp is also included in the PuTTY package of programs for Microsoft Windows.

Accessing with SFTP

You can also use the program "sftp" which acts as an FTP client but with secure SSH communication. Sftp is part of the OpenSSH package. Microsoft Windows users will find sftp in the PuTTY package. Connect to the adress when using sftp.

Accessing Windows files

It is also possible to access your files on the Windows file server "goofy2" from home. Read more about that here.