Sometimes it is necessary to access your files stored on the Windows file server from a Linux computer at DSV. The Windows file server for student use is named goofy2. The Linux computer can be the server "", a pc booted with Linux in the computer rooms. The Windows files are accessible with the unix shell command "smbclient" with FTP-like commands. However, this only works with Linux computers connected to DSV's network in Nod.

If you for example have your Windows files on the file server goofy2 in the share volume "StudHkG5" (check in advance where M: points on a Microsoft Windows pc in a computer room) on the folder "nisse-tu" you give the following shell command in a Linux virtual terminal window:

smbclient //goofy2/StudHkG5 -Dnisse-tu

You are now queried for your University password. After having entered the password it is possible to enter FTP like commands to the Windows file server directory such as:

dir list file names
cd directory enter directory
get filename get the file filename
mget mask fetch many files, such as "mget *.java"
put filename send the file filename
help list the smbclient-commands
quit leave smbclient

Enter the shell command "man smbclient" in a Linux virtual terminal window to get more information about the program smbclient.

Your Microsoft Windows files are also accessible with an sftp program from the server The sftp program is included in OpenSSH.