Debian GNU/Linux is a clone of the famous Unix operating system. DSV's personal computers in the DSV computer rooms have two operating systems, Microsoft Windows and Debian GNU/Linux. When booting up the computer you can choose which operating system you want to use (dual boot). You may also use Debian GNU/Linux via our server Many other servers at DSV run with Debian GNU/Linux as operating system.

Linux introduction

A short introduction to the Debian GNU/Linux systems at DSV.

The Linux server triton

How to connect to the Debian GNU/Linux server with a SSH client.

Accessing the Linux file server

How to access the GNU/Linux file server "oberon" from a pc at home

Smbclient - Accessing your Windows files

How to access your files stored on the MS Windows student file server goofy2 with smbclient from a GNU/Linux pc.

Related documents

Windows Remote Desktop Client

With the RDP client rdesktop it is possible to access the Microsoft Windows Terminal Server and run graphical Microsoft Windows programs from your GNU/Linux PC.