"oberon.dsv.su.se" is a file server at DSV. It is the default file server when you login on a Linux PC at DSV. But oberon can also be accessed from a PC booted with Microsoft Windows. The file server will then behave as a Windows file server thanks to the Samba software on oberon.

Access oberon from a Windows PC at DSV

Follow this description to connect the Windows PC to the file server oberon:

  1. Click on the icon "My Computer".
  2. In the menu "Tools" choose "Map Network Drive".
  3. Choose a letter in the list Drive.
  4. Click on the button Browse.
  5. In the list of network resources expand Dsv.su.se (click on the + sign)
  6. Search for oberon in the expanded list and click on it
  7. As one alternative under oberon you will find your home directory, click on it.
  8. Click on OK.
  9. Click on Finish.
  10. Your oberon home directory should now be found under My Computer.

Access oberon from home

Use a SFTP client (Secure FTP) and connect it to the DSV Linux shell server sftp.dsv.su.se. As SFTP client you can for example use psftp (PuTTY secure ftp) or FileZilla.

If you use FileZilla then you should fill in the different fields as follows:

Host name: sftp.dsv.su.se
Port number: 22 (default)
User name: Your login ID
Password: Your university password
SSH protocol: 2 only (below SSH to the left)