Students at DSV can access their files that are stored on DSV's fileserver "goofy2"  from home.

You use the SSH protocol with for instance the program psftp (PuTTY secure ftp) or FileZilla for accessing your files through DSV's SSH-server for the Windows environment Programs such as pscp (PuTTY secure copy) can be used for transferring single files between your computer and the file server. If Cygwin and OpenSSH are installed on your Windows PC the names of the programs are scp and sftp. is a server that runs Debian GNU/Linux. It uses the program smbmount for accessing the Windows file servers.

If using FileZilla one should enter the following data:

Host name:
Port number: 22 (default)
User name: your login name
Password: your university password
SSH protocol: 2 only (under SSH to the left)