DSV has a special Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Server (RDS server) named rds2.win.dsv.su.se. You can connect to this RDS server from a PC running Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac with OS X as the operating system. You will then get access to a graphical Microsoft Windows environment on the RDS server which corresponds to Microsoft Windows XP on a PC. This may be convenient when:

  • the Microsoft Windows software you want to use is not installed on a lab PC but is found on the RDS Server
  • you are normally using a portable PC of your own and want to use the Microsoft Windows environment at DSV
  • you are at home with an Internet connection and want to use the Microsoft Windows environment at DSV
  • you don't have Microsoft Windows on your PC but instead e.g. Linux or Mac OS X



By default the operating system Microsoft Windows  has a client installed called "Remote Desktop Connection" (RDC).


You can find he Microsoft Remote Desktop client in the AppStore.


Users of the operating system Linux can also access our RDS Server. If you prefer a graphical remote desktop client, we suggest Remmina. You can also use "xfreerdp" in a terminal by running the command: xfreerdp /kbd:Swedish +clipboard /v:"rds2.win.dsv.su.se"


Logon to the RDS Server rds2.dsv.su.se using your university account as universityaccount@SU.SE. Note SU.SE in upper case. You will then have access to your files on the DSV Microsoft Windows file server "goofy2", and the DSV  Linux file server "oberon" if you choose to connect to it.