In the Nod building where DSV is located, there is a wireless network run by Stockholm university central IT department "SU IT". The network has two names (SSIDs) "SU" and "eduroam". We recommend using eduroam, because then the connection is encrypted and you will automatically logged in and also have access to wireless networks in many other university campuses. Using SSID "SU" you will log in via a web page. You configure "eduroam" access in your computer and will after that be automatically logged in when you are in a eduroam wireless network. See below.

How to configure eduroam

  1. Get your eduroam password from using a computer/device with an Internet connection. If you are at Nod, you can for example use a computer in a computer lab. Note that it may take up to one hour before the password starts to work.
  2. Follow SU's instructions to connect to eduroam for your computer/device.

Note: When you are asked to fill in your username and password for the network, enter universityaccount/ppp@SU.SE as the username, where you replace universityaccount with your university account name. It is important that SU.SE is spelled in capital letters.