To gain access to DSV's facilities, you will need to obtain an access card.  The access card is mandatory and must always be worn when you are in the Nod Building. Remember that you have to be enrolled before you can get an access card. Distance students do not get an access card.

Nod Building Access Card - new student

Please, read all the steps for the process below before you start!

  1. Follow all the steps at this registration site to get the accounts you need.
  2. Upload a photo in Daisy. Upload the photo on your Current-page (the page you come to directly after logging in) in Daisy. Follow the link “You don’t have a profile photo in Daisy. Click here to upload one”. To get the image approved, it is important that the image clearly shows that it is you and that the selection is cut close to the face with a bright and uncluttered background. See image below. Note that your selected image area can be changed by an administrator during the approval process of the image.
  3. The routines have been changed this year due to COVID-19. We will send the access card home to you in a registered letter. We will use the address in Ladok. You can change your postal address in Ladok. Please, check the address before you start the process for access card in Daisy. You cannot change the address afterwards
    You will need a valid ID/passport to collect your registered letter. 


Opening hours

The Access card reception in the Nod Building is closed. During the autumn semester 2020, we offer online assistance. E-mail:

Problems with your access card

If you have problems with your access card:
Send an error report to

Provide this information in your email:

  • Your personal identity number
  • Access card number (located on the back of the card)
  • Error description - which door you tried to open and when you tried to open the door.

Lost access card

If you lose your access card, the cost will be 120SEK to get a new one.

Re-order a new access card after losing it

  • First, pay 120SEK at Kårexpeditionen on floor 2
  • To order a new card: Email your digital receipt to Please state your SU-username in the email.

The cost for at new card is 120SEK. If your card is broken, you will get a new one without cost.


Students with permanent or temporary disabilities may contact to get a feature added which makes it easier to open some entrances.

Other issues and questions regarding you access card, e-mail: