This is a list of courses elective for master students autumn semester 2020. Depending on which programme you attend you may choose some of these courses. Please note that the courses often have required knowledge you have to fullfill in order to take the course. If you have questions about the courses or the different requirements please contact student councellors. If too few students choose a course there is a possibility/risk that the course will be cancelled.

Course period August 31 to November 2 (period 1)

Course period November 3 to January 17 (period 2)

Some of the courses above are given as web-based distance courses

The following of the above mentioned courses are given as web-based distance courses:

  • BPCM
  • RIMA
  • EGOV

First cycle course

The course BIGDATA is given at first cycle level. Depending on which programme you take you can only take a limited number of courses on first cycle level. Please contact the student councellors if you are unsure about this matter.