When you fill out your application to the partner university, you need to attach some documents. Here is a list of the most common to prepare:

  • Learning Agreement / approved study plan
  • Transcript of Records / Academic records = Certificate of your study results from Ladok. Creating official transcript of My studies.se or order from the Student Affairs Office.
  • Certificate of enrollment = Registration Certificate from Ladok. Create verifiable certificate of registration at mittsu.se or order from the Student Affairs Office.
  • Evidence of Financial Standing = Certificate of financing. Request a certificate from CSN form 5514W.
  • English Language Test = Common language test is TOEFL and IELTS.
  • Copy of passport = Passport copy
  • Photo Picture
  • Status of Purpose - motivation letter
  • Letter of recommendation/reference letters - letters written by, for example, a teacher/professor or another person who can attest to your personality. (Not DSV International Office)
  • CV

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