On the Exchange studies - How it works page we go through the application and travel process, from start to when you come back to Sweden. You will find answers below to other frequently asked questions that may arise.

What is it like to be an exchange student?
Be inspired and learn about the experiences of previous exchange students.
Student reports at DSV's web

You will find even more student reports in the two contract databases:
Contract Database of DSV's partner universities
Contract Database of Stockholm University's central agreements and networks
Select a university, click Study report.

How do I get accommodation?
As for accommodation, we recommend that you look at the partner university’s website. Accommodation options and service for exchange students vary. If there is no information on the partner university's website, you will likely get information about housing, or instructions on where to find information, while gaining your Letter of Acceptance from the partner university. Keep in mind that some universities may require a deposit for accommodation. Get in touch with former exchange students or in-coming exchange students for tips and advice on housing.

In France, it is important to remember to apply for housing support. It is open to all students to apply and the amount is approximately a few hundred SEK per month. You will usually get the money just before you return to Sweden, but it is still worth applying for.

Application for nomination

Is it possible to apply for both DSV’s agreements and Stockholm University's central agreements?
Yes, it is allowed. It is important to notify each party if you want to withdraw one application so that someone else can go instead of you.

What kind of courses can I not take during the exchange period?
You cannot write your thesis during the exchange period. To be able to transfer your credit to your master’s programme at DSV, you are not able to take courses outside the computer and systems sciences subject field. Courses must also be at advanced level.

Can I change my course selection after I have been nominated?
Yes, your course selection prior to the nomination is preliminary. Make a new selection and send it to the same instance that decided the preliminary selection.

What are the chances that I get my first choice of University?
It depends on how many candidates there are to the university you selected as your first choice. It can be difficult to be accepted if you limit yourself to one option. If the most important thing for you is to study abroad, and not at a specific university, we recommend that you apply to several universities.

What are the chances that I will not be accepted by the partner university?
We cannot give any guarantees, as the partner university decides on admissions.
Always have a "Plan B" for studies at Stockholm University.

When you are on the exchange

What do I do if I want to cancel my studies abroad?
If you want to cancel your exchange studies, promptly e-mail DSV International Office exchange-out@dsv.su.se and the partner university, if you have already sent your application to them.

If you have received an Erasmus+ grant: If you terminate your exchange studies within 90 days, you may be liable for repayment.

Contact your Student Counsellor to create a study plan for studies at DSV. Remember to inform CSN if you have applied for a student loan.

What do I do if I want to extend my exchange?
It may be possible to extend your exchange studies. Note that you cannot write your thesis during the exchange.

Contact the office responsible for the exchange (International Office at DSV) to determine if you can continue your exchange studies next semester. If you get permission, contact your coordinator at the partner university. At the same time, you need to get the courses approved for the next semester. Mail complete course selection form for the next semester to the student counsellors at DSV.

When you have received a new Letter of Acceptance, please e-mail it to the DSV International Office exchange-out@dsv.su.se (and if you have Erasmus + also to erasmusutbyte@su.se). Remember that you need to renew your insurance, possibly extend your visa and notify the CSN.

When you come back

What if I fail to complete all courses?
You have to make up for the incomplete credits in your Learning Agreement. You must have a total of 30 credits for the corresponding semester in your program. You can complete the missing credits by taking extra courses when you return to Sweden and/or extend your studies with an additional semester. Contact the study counsellors at DSV.

How can I register for classes for next semester?
Since the credits from your exchange studies are not yet registered in Daisy, you need help to be able to register for the semester after your stay abroad. E-mail the Student Affairs Office at studexp@dsv.su.se and indicate the courses you want to take.