Your Learning Agreement must contain approved courses that you plan to read during the exchange.

Write your Learning Agreement in collaboration with the instance that approves your courses, either the Student counsellors at DSV or the Degree Office at Frescati.

If you change courses while you are at your exchange destination, the new courses need to be approved again by the person who signed your original Learning Agreement.

When you have returned home and received your Transcript of Records, you need to apply for transfer of credits.

More information about course selection, Learning Agreement and documents to fill out

Instances that administer your course selection and Learning Agreement

Option 1 - When you go abroad for one semester and have room for recognition of 30 credits in your program 
Courses that can be credited to your programme:

  • Courses within computer and systems sciences with progression.
  • Courses at an advanced academic level.
  • Full-time studies of 30 credits per semester.
  • Nothing of the course content can overlap the courses you have already read.
  • DSV does not allow you to write the thesis during the exchange semester.

Contact: Student Counsellors at DSV.

Option 2 – When you go abroad for a full academic year, you will get 30 extra credits outside of your programme. Contact the Degree office at Frescati to handle the course selection and Learning Agreement for the 30 extra credits.

  • Note that all extra courses will be transfered as undergraduate level courses.

Contact: Degree Office at Frescati

Note: If courses are not approved or in your Learning Agreement, you may not be able to transfer the credits to your degree at Stockholm University.

Credits that equal full-time studies

The ECTS-system: 1 ECTS equals 1 credit in the Swedish hp-system.

Transfer of credits when you return

When you receive the Transcript of Records from the partner university, you have to apply for transfer of credits of your completed courses. Submit your application for credit transfer to the instance that approved the Learning Agreement.

Decisions regarding credit transfer and registration in Ladok

The credits will be registered in Ladok. Your grades will not be registered.

You can use your Transcript of Records from the partner university, with course credits and grades, as a complement to your diploma from Stockholm University.

More information: Exchange studies - how it works