Name: Joanna
Programme at DSV: Computer and Systems Sciences, Master's programme
Semester abroad: HT14
University: Technische Universität München 
Country: Germany

Why did you choose to study abroad?
Sweden is already foreign country to me because I come from Poland. I wanted to meet new country, new culture and improve my German language skills.

What courses did you take and what is your opinion of the quality of the education at the host university?
I have taken following courses: Energy informatics, Parallel numeric, Advanced programming, Advanced Topics of Software Engineering, Variational Methods for Computer Vision and additionally German language course and High performance computing. In my opinion courses were on very high level and I had to study a lot. But it was because I wanted to get as many knowledge as it was possible. All courses besides Advanced Topics of Software Engineering, were in English. Remaining course was in German (on the website there was information that the course is held in English), but thankfully my German was good enough and the course supervisors were very helpful, hence I had no problems to pass this course. 

Did you get enough information from the host university prior to and during the semester? (course and welcome-pack and special activities for exchange students)
The organization and administration is excellent. I always got the all crucial information on time. I take part of many special activities and I was very glad about the all organisations issues.

Where did you stay and how did you get accommodation?
I had to rent a private room. I was glad about my room but it was a little bit outside the center of Munich. I would advice, in order to get whole ERASMUS experience it is better to get the place in the student dormitory.

Did you have access to a library, study material and computers? Where you satisfied?
Yes, I had access to all students’ facilities and it works perfectly. I used computers and printers at the campus a lot and it works without problems. All materials needed for the lectures are placed on moodle based platform, which is updated on time. 

In which language was the teaching conducted? Did you take any preparatory language course or prepare in any other way? How would you rate your knowledge of the language, and did you manage to follow the course?
As I mentioned earlier all my courses were held in English and one in German. English level is high and there were no problems with communication with professors or fellow students. I attended German language course where I improved my knowledge a lot. My level of German was A2 at the beginning and I ended up with level B2.

Was the living costs expensive or cheap? To what extent did your eventual grant cover your expenses?
It is more expensive in Germany and the ERASMUS scholarship was not enough to pay my rent. I had to take part time job in order to survive in Germany.

In what ways do you feel you have developed during the exchange studies? (academic, linguistic, cultural, personal, etc.)
In my opinion I developed myself in every possible way. I learned a lot during my lectures and I had to study hard. I improved German language skills. I meet many new friends all around the world and I learned a lot of the culture not only from Germany but also many other countries.

Do you have any advice to give other students who are looking to go on an exchange to the same university?
I would recommend to prepare for bigger costs of living comparing to Stockholm. Technical University of Munich is not the best selection for students looking only for the party and good time because it is not possible to pass all the courses without the studying and the level of the lectures is really high. Good thing is that it is not necessary to know German language, I met many students with only basic knowledge and they had no problems during the exchange.